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WHFD 800A 26V Soft Switching Electroplating Power Supply

WHFD 800A 26V Soft Switching Electroplating Power Supply

Main Introduction:
The product adopts IGBT inverter soft switch retifier technology, is mainly used as finish electroplating rectifier power supply of all kinds of metal and nonmetal (like electroplating zinc, nickel, chrome and titanium etc), it can also used as electrolytic rectifier power supply, general anodizing power supply and DC heating power supply etc

Main Specification:

1 Power Supply 3P AC380V,400V,450V etc. Frequency 50HZ  
2 Rated DC Output Voltage 6V,12V,15V,18V,24V,36V,48V,60Vetc any voltage specification.  
3 Rated DC Output Current 500A,1000A,1500A,2000A,3000A,4000A,5000A,6000A,8000A,12KA,15KA,18KA,20KA etc any current specification.  

Main Technical Features:

Items Technical parameters
AC input voltage 3 phase,220,380,415,480V±10%,50/60HZ
Output voltage DC 12V-600V adjust continuously
Output current DC 1000A-60KA adjust continuously
Regulation range 0-100%
Power factor ≥0.95(full load)
Output current,voltage accuracy ≤0.5%
Efficiency ≥88%(full load)
Cooling method Water cooling or forced air cooling
Control mode Constant voltage,constant current
Operation mode Local touch screen,remote control box or communication
Communication protocol RS485,Profibus DP,MODBUS
Working method long time full load continuous operation
Protections 1.input under voltage
2.input over voltage
3.input phase loss
4.output over voltage
5.output over current
6.output short circuit
7.output bus bar insulation to earth
8.over water temperature
9.under water pressure

Best Adnvantages:
1.DSP computer digital control technology
Independent intellectual property rights,national patent technology
2. IGBT switch rectifier

3.A joint stock cooperative enterprise :
Founded in 1963
ISO9001 and CE and TUV certified
Top 3 rectifier manufacture in China

4.Our Certificate:

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